Choosing the right employee benefits company can be an overwhelming task, an informed decision is the best decision and it starts with getting your questions answered. Please take a few minutes to review our comprehensive FAQ section, and if you still are not able to find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at your convenience.


1. How long have MMHIA been in business?

We have been established since March of 2009 with a focus on employee benefits, a steady incline in growth since our beginning.
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2. What are MMHIA agency credentials?

Our company filings and articles of corporation can be viewed by clicking here
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3. What makes MMHIA different?

We use an infusion of software automation and digital technologies to leverage time, energy and resources for our clients. This drive down cost while creating greater efficiencies for our clients.
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4. What automation tools and software do you provide?

Human Resources Integration System (HRIS) Software provide by Effortless HR Web based payroll system from Trax Online Payment Systems QSE-HRA Automation Software provided by CoreDocuments.
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5. Do MMHIA provide full benefit administration?

Yes! Where the automation ends is where the personalized service begins, we offer a world class benefit department for one person or a thousand through our proprietary benefit system.
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6. What are the hours of operation and location of MMHIA?

Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors (MMHIA) office hours is Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard time. Located downtown Flint Michigan in the Phoenix Building at 801 S. Saginaw St .
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7. What services do MMHIA offer for 1099 contractors?

The best way for an employer with 1099 contractors to offer a benefit package is to utilize our service portal, along with our HSA solution. You can provide a tax free contribution to your contractors HSA account on a moderate budget.
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8. How is MMHIA HRA services different?

Traditional Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) required a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to operate, these organizations add cost of managing and facilitating your HRA. We offer software to our clients that reduce cost, and create greater efficiencies.
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9. What types of disability insurance does MMHIA offer?

We offer two options for disability insurance: short-term and long-term. The coverage they offer is just what their names imply. Short-term disability insurance will offer benefits to your employee when he or she is unable to work for a short period of time. Long-term disability insurance is designed to offer benefits on a more ongoing basis.
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10. Does MMHIA offer employee voluntary benefits?

Yes! Voluntary benefits are a fantastic way to build out your benefits portfol[o without taxing your company’s resources. Employees appreciate the opportunity to have more affordable, more convenient access to the benefits you offer, and your business can attract and retain the best employees with great voluntary benefits.
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11. What type of wellness programs does MMHIA offer?

We provide wellness rescources to your employees, some benefit agencies charge a fee for wellness programs and services. Most carriers we work with offer wellness incentives and reward programs to help individuals from smoking cessation, aerobics, walk fitness, spin cycling and many other services.

Carriers have a vested interest in keeping their claims lower and you benefit by having healthier more productive employees all at no cost.l, we offer guidance to our members how to tap into these resources, and more.
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12. Who is Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors?

Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors (MMHIA) is a Health and Life Managing General Agency (MGA) dedicated to providing unique and effective ways for developing true, long-term financial success for it's agent affiliates and business partners. We are committed to teaching and living principles of service, integrity and leadership by example. We place the satisfaction of our clients and the success of our agents at the top of our priority list. To help fulfill this mission, Insurance Agents United (IAU) Digital Marketing Organization (DMO) was developed as a marketing arm for MMHIA, to further our reach for independent agents that want greater financial security through collaboration and partnerships.
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13. What types of insurance do you write?

Our core insurance product and service is group insurance. With alternative solutions for employer groups wanting to control cost without lossing plan features and benefits.
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14. Which insurance carriers do you represent?

All of the Blue Cross Blue Shield carriers in every state we operate, and many others see our service page for a list of our carriers (See FAQ #18) for all of the States we operate in.
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15. How long has MMHIA been offering group insurance?

We have been successfully acquiring clients over 10 years and growing.
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16. Is there other alternatives to traditional group plans?

Yes! Absolutely, As our industry begins to shift towards individual plans, it is a golden time for employers to take advantage of the changing landscape by looking closer to our alternative solutions.
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17. Can I get coverage outside of the open enrollment period?

Yes! There are coverage options available through our self serve portal.
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18. In which States do you currently operate in?

Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for the Small Businesses and individuals we operate in, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. For our large group self funded solution all states with the exception of NY.
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19. By opting in for a QSE-HRA or HSA, can we provide a better benefit package for less cost to our employees?

Yes! Most employers can reduce their cost, define budgets without comprising benefits.
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Toll Free: 1 844 533-7432
Local Office: 1 (810) 471-4796


801 S Saginaw St
Flint, MI. 48502