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We’re big enough to deliver the results our clients come to rely on, yet small enough to provide the personal service and attention our clients depend on. We have experienced a 300 percent increase in growth since our inception as a direct result of our client retention and overall satisfaction.
Employer Benefit Package
Affordable Group Solutions
Small Group Benefits
There's a better way to deliver benefits to your employees
ACA Compliance
Large Employer Groups
There are many challenges with managing ACA compliance for large complex employers, and controlling escalating healthcare cost, we have a solution to resolve both.
Individual Solutions
Security and Peace of Mind
Individual & Employees
More and more people are beginning to realize owning their very own individual policy may provide more security and peace of mind for themselves and family.

affordable insurance

our clients benefit

from our expertise

what make our solutions unique:

1) We simplify the complex.

2) Simple Technology Interface.

3) Easy employee on-boarding.


We are the first Managing General Agency (MGA) to pioneer an advocacy program for employees. More bankruptcies occur from non insured workers and even those who had went on disability due to a work related injury and had to file bankruptcy as a result


We are re-engineering the Health Insurance Industry, with innovative concepts. Employers will have the ability to help their employees acquire comprehensive coverage, with little to zero cost for the employer.


Automation tools to help create efficiency and lessen the admin burden for business owners is no longer a trend, but has become the norm.
We believe benefit agencies and companies have to embrace new technologies in order to help clients achieve more with less time, energy and resources. We are on the forefront for ushering a new era in benefit servicing. Click the button below to learn more about industry and forecast.


The health insurance industry, has under gone several changes since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This new fluid environment, has brought increasing challenges and obstacles for companiens and organizations.
It requires the knowledge and the know how, when it comes to navigating the ever increasing sea of changes in health care legislation, at MMHIA we are insustry leaders in our field with a proven track record, our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise.


REVOLUTIONIZING SMALL GROUP BENEFITS: More small employers will begin migrating to Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements. The advantages are clear.

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